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AACTE Innovative Use of Technology Award

AACTE Trophy

CalStateTEACH of the California State University (CSU) received the Best Practice Award for the Innovative Use of Technology for from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) at the organization's annual meeting in Indianapolis on March 1. The prestigious national award honors the program's success in bridging the theory and practice of educator preparation through the use of technology.

The AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology, which reviews submissions for the award, selected CalStateTEACH for its ability to bridge the theory and practice of teacher education through the use of multiple technologies and to communicate the impact those technologies have had based on qualitative or quantitative research. Specifically, the committee noted that the CalStateTEACH program exhibits sustainable impact, system-wide change during a time of state budget cuts, a strong research basis, a social justice agenda to make learning accessible to all, robust integration of technology and low-cost sustainability.

Dr. Young and Dr. Russell
CalStateTEACH of the California State University receives the 2014 AACTE Best Practice Award for Innovative Use of Technology at JW Marriott, Indianapolis. Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. Beverly Young and CalStateTEACH Statewide Director Dr. Sharon Russell hold the award.

"The CalStateTEACH program is an outstanding example of broad-based effective integration of technology, pedagogy and content," said AACTE Innovation and Technology Committee Chair Dr. Mary Herring. "They are to be commended for stretching beyond the norm in teacher education to impact the learning of students across the state."

"The California State University takes great pride in the talented faculty and staff who developed CalStateTEACH into a national model for preparing the highly qualified teachers of tomorrow," said Timothy P. White, CSU chancellor. "Congratulations to all who helped bring advanced educational technology expertise to remote rural and urban under-served schools--garnering the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education's Best Practice Award for the Innovative Use of Technology."

"The CSU is honored to be the recipient of this important national award," said CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teacher Education Programs Dr. Beverly Young. "Through CalStateTEACH's visionary leadership and talented and engaged faculty, the program serves as a national model that has already prepared over 3,000 highly qualified teachers for tomorrow's schools."

Dr. Sharon Russell
Dr. Sharon Russell delivers the acceptance speech.

I would like to thank CalStateTEACH's talented and creative faculty, our flexible and inventive technology coordinator, our insightful and hardworking regional directors, our Apple Distinguished Educators, John Ittleson and Michael Slade, our dedicated school partners, and our generous and inspiring candidates. Our iPad one to one implementation and software innovations like the iSupervision Observation Event, were faculty designed and built in-house with open-source software.

I want to acknowledge the support of Dr. Beverly Young, the founding director of CalStateTEACH, and now Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, CSU Chancellor Timothy White and Chancellor Emeritus Charles Reed. When you innovate you need people to believe in you and support you. I want to thank our Apple and Zoom partners who helped us design elegant and intuitive solutions.

I want to dedicate this to California's children in rural and remote and under-served urban schools. I hope CalStateTEACH's work and that of our teachers enable these children to have the opportunity to participate fully in the digital world of the 21st century.

Dr. Sharon Russell, Systemwide Director, Acceptance Speech