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Information for K-12 Administrators

How do public school districts and private schools work with CalStateTEACH?

CalStateTEACH and your school district or school may enter into a partnership to provide support for the preparation of CalStateTEACH candidates. CalStateTEACH does not require any exclusive arrangement with the district or school, but there is a required Terms Of Agreement.

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Testimonial Portrait

Richard White

Assistant Superintendent,
Personnel and Administrative Services
El Monte City Unified

If I were looking for a program for myself, CalStateTEACH would be the one. Classroom management and time management are the two most critical skills for new teachers, and CalStateTEACH provides them both. Interns get a wonderful resource: €œaround-the-clock€ access to professors and peers. There is nothing better for new teachers than individualized attention, and this personal approach is inherent in CalStateTEACH.

Customized Partnerships

CalStateTEACH faculty and administration are committed to supporting your needs. Depending upon your needs we may be able to design a unique partnership with you. To discuss options, contact your Regional Director.

If you are in a public school, you are assigned to a regional center by district. A private school is assigned by city. See our Regions page for more information.