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The CalStateTEACH Community

Although there is no physical campus, CalStateTEACH candidates, faculty, and Regional Directors build a campus community, just as traditional candidates do. The difference is that the community is online. There candidates develop strong bonds with faculty and peers.

Testimonial Portrait

Marie Hatwan

3rd Grade

Instead of sitting in a classroom, I can integrate what I learn the next day and get instant feedback. I can ask my cohort for advice on different ways to address lessons. I love the challenge, and I enjoy being independent. There is a lot of work, but there has been no other time in my life I have learned so much so fast.

The online environment provides multiple opportunities to build community.  Faculty, candidates, and mentors participate in threaded discussions, engage in "real-time" chats, communicate through email, videoconferencing, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Faculty and Candidates Collaborate

The CalStateTEACH "campus" also includes the school site where candidates work. Candidates gain significant personalized support from their assigned faculty member, who observes them at their school site and through videoconferencing. Additionally, cooperating and master teachers and on-site mentors  provide valuable assistance to CalStateTEACH participants.