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CalStateTEACH Faculty Opportunities

CalStateTEACH currently employs over 80 faculty in a variety of locations across the state of California. These faculty are employed at the CalStateTEACH Regional Centers. Both full-time and part-time faculty positions are available for qualified individuals. Since CalStateTEACH participants may be anywhere within the state, faculty are needed in rural and urban areas.

CalStateTEACH prepares creative, collaborative, and reflective teachers. We are eco-sensitive and techno-inventive. We have a complex mobile learning initiative dedicated to preparing tomorrow's teachers and ameliorating the digital divide in rural remote and urban underserved schools.

CalStateTEACH is looking for teacher educators to preare teachers for tomorrow's schools. We are searching for experienced teacher leaders or administrators who are open to change and ready to develop 21st century skills and knowledge. We expect faculty to be grounded in educational technology and have experience in the use of an array of software. We require that faculty have a depth of experience in clinical supervision and understand the nature of instructional rounds.

Duties of the Position
Each faculty member is assigned to support a group of multiple subject intern and student teachers throughout the course of their credential program. The faculty member works with the intern and student teachers through a CalStateTEACH Regional Center, reporting to the Regional Director. The specific duties and responsibilities fall in the following three areas:

  1. Teaching/Advising
    Interview candidates for program admission; advise candidates; develop and support the cohort as a learning community; guide intern and student teachers' online learning through implementation of the CalStateTEACH curriculum; support candidates as they learn, practice and reflect on each
    Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs); provide helpful feedback regarding their progress toward meeting the TPEs; provide formative and summative assessment of classroom
    performance and required written work, including well-designed formative assessments that resemble the pedagogical assessment tasks in the embedded Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA); make field placements to meet credential requirements and program regulations; supervise site-based classroom instruction; serve as liaison to school-site personnel; and participate in and assure the selection and support of site-based mentor teachers.

    Responsibilites may also include supporting candidates who need CSET preparation, participating in the planning and delivery of regional seminars, and facilitating cohort meetings during Saturday seminars.

  2. Program and Faculty Development
    Attend all regular regional faculty meetings and CalStateTEACH statewide faculty meetings;serve on regional and statewide committee(s); contribute to development and revision of curriculum to ensure program quality; become become expert in the CalStateTEACH curriculum, delivery format, policies and procedures and online instruction; stay abreast of developing technologies employed in the CalStateTEACH program and develop the skills to use them; and become qualified to administer required program interview.

  3. Other Related Activities
    Contact potential candidates; participate in recruitment/outreach activities, including job fairs and professional conferences; participate in local meetings, county office and professional educational consortia and collaborate with local school districts in determining appropriate clinical placements.

Rank and Position
Selected candidates are hired as lecturers at the Regional Center and are placed, according to education and experience, on the CSU faculty salary schedule.

Master's degree in education or related field; teacher leadership or administrative experience in public shools with appropriate certification, residence in assigned sub-region, ability to travel within sub-regional to candidates' clinical placement; understanding of adult learning theory; demonstrated ability to teach, advise, supervise, evaluate, candidates from diverse educational, cultural, and work backgrounds; commitment to independent student-centered learning; organized and systematic approach to work; demonstrated ability to work successfully in a team as well as to make independent judgments; good written and oral communications skills; commitment to personal and professional lifelong learning; willingness to be available and accessible to candidates; and ability to travel to intern and student teachers' work settings; access at home to Internet services with a download rate of at least 1.5 megabytes per second sufficient to complete all faculty tasks for CalStateTEACH. Experience supervising elementary school teachers as well as teaching in classrooms with students who are English learners, expertise in technology and and experience with on-line delivery systems is highly valued.

Please submit a letter of application, current vitae, and three letters of recommendations. Applications should be sent directly to the Regional Centers listed below.

Regional Center Contact Address
Central California Dr. Nan Barker, Regional Director
(559) 278-0234 Office
(559) 278-0113 Fax
CSU Fresno
5005 N. Maple Avenue,
M/S ED 1
Fresno, CA 93740
Southern California Dr. Ernest Black, Regional Director
(323) 343-6050 Office
(323) 343-6055 Fax

CSU Los Angeles
5151 State University Dr.
King Hall D3072

Los Angeles, CA 90032

Northern California  

The Regional Director of the local CalStateTEACH Regional Center will conduct personal interviews with selected applicants and recommend candidates to the Systemwide Director.

CSU is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability. The CSU is committed to the principles of diversity in its employment and to creating a stimulating learning environment for its diverse students.