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A Unique Program, A Perfect Fit

CalStateTEACH is designed for those who wish to become a multiple subject teacher but are unable to attend a traditional, classroom-based teacher education program or for those who are already teaching without a credential.

Most CalStateTEACH teacher candidates have hectic schedules at work and at home and find it difficult to fit traditional classes into their schedules. They would have difficulty attending classes one or more nights a week for several hours.

Testimonial Portrait


6th Grade Teacher

I like to be able to put my knowledge to use in the classroom. I believe that CalStateTEACH offers the flexibility that one needs as a beginning teacher so that one can balance teaching and studying at the same time.

Many participants live in rural areas where it would take a long time to travel to a traditional university class. Others live in urban areas where traffic and parking add too much time to their commute to a university campus.

Quite a few participants have taught for only one year or less, and they need quick immediate support regarding their instruction methods. They also need to learn a little bit of everything because they must teach all subjects. They prefer CalStateTEACH's integrated approach over learning one subject at a time in a traditional program.

At CalStateTEACH, the flexibility you gain comes with a "price." You must stay on-task and discipline yourself to complete your assignments, since you are not reporting to a traditional class.

Those in the Intern Option may want to consider the Early Completion Option.

Is CalStateTEACH Right for You?

Are you currently teaching or interested in teaching in a multiple subject classroom?

Do you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to attend traditional classes?
Are you located too far from a university to attend classes conveniently or you dread the traffic and parking challenges that may come with attending traditional classes?

Are you seeking a credential program that will provide you with relevant information that you can use in your classroom immediately?

Are you a self-motivated independent learner?

If you answered yes to the above questions, CalStateTEACH may be the perfect credentialing program for you!

...but it's not for everybody.

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