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Technical Requirements

The computer you use may be IBM compatible (PC) or Macintosh (Mac) as long as it meets the minimum specifications listed below. In general, your computer should have enough memory (RAM), hard disk space, and processor speed to run a recent version of the Microsoft Office suite and current browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). You CANNOT complete the CalStateTEACH program using a tablet or netbook computer only--you must have a desktop or laptop computer as well.

Testimonial Portrait

Jason Tierney

3rd Grade Teacher

One of the program€™s big benefits is the technology. CalStateTEACH forced me to become more computer literate. Before I entered the program, I had just done word processing and surfed the web a little bit. Now I am knowledgeable about different software and technical terminology.

The CalStateTEACH program requires that you have a reliable broadband Internet connection. You must also install a virus protection program (PC users only). Several virus protection packages are available at no cost, including Avast! and AVG Free.

Minimum Computer Requirements

Candidates must have a computer system that allows them to:

  • navigate the Internet with a modern browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • use a late version of the Microsoft Office suite
  • perform simple video editing (with Microsoft MovieMaker, Apple iMovie)
  • open PDF files
  • run virus protection (PC only)

Other Technology Requirements

Candidates must also have the ability to:

  • record video
  • scan documents or artwork